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One of the key challenges, Accountants face today is to deliver a range of Value Added Services for their clients. One such challenge is that of delivering Reports that their Business Clients value.

Business Owners need to be able to easily access proper Business Intelligence that enables proactive decision making. They need to eliminate the risk of ‘not knowing’

With a series of pre defined templates, combined with the ability to TAILOR LITERALLY HUNDRED’S of REPORTING options, the Stem Group solution helps Accountants to genuinely provide Value Added Services through fiscal reporting to their clients.

Business Owners do not necessarily have easy access to organisational information.

Without proper business intelligence, they will not know where they are strategically, where they should be, or how to get there. So the importance of being able to present such reports to a Business Owner is crucial for the Owners Comfort and Peace of mind, as well as to enable them to make informed decisions about the future of their businesses.

Industry Leading GRANULAR REPORTS show important information that will drive a proactive decision making process within the organisation.More importantly help the Business Owner understand their finances, as they want to understand it.


  • Strategically positions your business, enabling informed management decisions.
  • Increases asset value under management.
  • Improves the profitability of your business.

Business owners desperately want to understand the finances of their business. If they could, this would help them make informed decisions, and also feel in control of their business.

The key issue for them is that as Accountants it isn’t easy to articulate our understanding of the Company’s finances to the Business owner effectively or easily.

There are many software solutions available today that performs this task, however they are constrained with a limited ability to genuinely tailor reports to their clients requirements.

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